One of the things about St Pete Bakery, is Chef Michael can make anything due to his experience and knowledge. If he doesn't have a recipe of his own, he will find one that's authentic and duplicate it. With that said, this menu is not exhaustive. Most of these items can be found everyday at St Pete Bakery, but if there is something on the list you are looking for specifically, please give a call to confirm it's in house, or give us notice and we'll have it ready for you. 


Biscotti - Also know as Cantuccini (or coffee bread) is a delightful treat by itself or with one of our delicious coffee beverages. A twice baked, oblong cookie with flavors of either chocolate or coffee/almond. Want an extra treat, get it dipped in Belgian chocolate.


Black & White Cookie -


Blueberry Muffins - A large muffin made of butter, sugar, eggs, and a generous portion of blueberrys.


Bran Muffins - Muffin of pure bran, with ample amounts of molasses and raisins. Surprisingly delicious and assures you an uplifting experience the next morning.


Chocolate Chip Cookie - Yes we have those to, two varieties. One thats crispy and the size of a child's head and another that's chewy but with nuts.


Chocolate Espresso Cookie - Predominately made with Belgian chocolate, butter, roasted pecans, espresso syrup and additional chopped chocolate.


Chocolate Ginger Cookies - A unique cookie made of chopped Belgian chocolate and candied ginger. Who knew these two would make a great pairing.


Coconut Macaroon - We make this popular cookie flour-less, which means more amounts of desiccated coconut, egg whites and sugar, mixed over heat to intensify, then baked and bathed in apricot glaze. For an even more palatable delight, choose one hand dipped in chocolate.


Cookies by the Pound - Small 2-bite cookies with various flavors that include: Danish Nut with either chocolate or raspberry filling; Pecan Logs dipped in chocolate or with raspberry, Sugar Cookies, and Ginger Snaps.


Glorious Morning Muffin - Fresh carrots, apples, raisins, coconut, walnuts or pecans mixed into a moist muffin that just starts the day of right.


Peanut Butter Cookie - What makes a peanut butter cookie good? Well, peanut butter of course. So we left out the flour and added more peanut butter which not only makes these babies scrumptious but, also, gluten free.


Signature Cookie - A basic oatmeal cookies, intensified with cranberries, nuts and additional flavors, topped with white icing. It's like eating a bowl of oatmeal with your fingers


Wedding Cookies - The popular pecan, butter dough cookie, crescent shaped and rolled in powdered sugar.


Bars & Brownies


Butterscotch Brownie - With topping of white, chocolate ganache frosting or powdered sugar


Chocolate, Gluten-Free Brownie - Our rich, decadent, intense brownie with pure chocolate and ground almonds. Whoever said gluten-free desserts don't taste good, didn't taste this brownie.


Coconut Raspberry Macaroon Bar - Our delicious coconut macaroon dough on top of a layer of raspberry on top of a swedish cookie dough.


Fudge Brownie - Think a square of rich fudgy goodness with chocolate ganache on top.


Key Lime Bar - A flan cookie dough baked and topped with a


Lemon Bar - Flan cookie base with a delightful lemon custard, sprinkled with powdered sugar.


Desserts & Pastries


Bear Claw - Our danish dough, filled with a smooth, almond paste filling, topped with sliced almonds then rebaked to toast. Oh yes we did!


Bread Pudding - A delightfulness of heavy cream poured over either brioche or croissants, flavored with vanilla, rum, and topped exclusively with our whiskey butter sauce. Quite so!


Brioche Custard Bun or Square- A light, buttery breakfast bread/cake combination that is baked, either injected (bun) or sliced and soaked in a simple syrup (square) and filled with a homemade, vanilla custard. So good, they say it's like eating a cloud.


Carrot Cake - Fresh carrots, pineapple, raisins, walnuts, spices, accompanied with cream cheese icing. Need we say more. These craved cakes come in individual portions or can be ordered as a cake for your holiday and special celebrations.


Cheesecake - Two styles: New York, heavy, dense or Chicago, light. Everyday flavors include- Plain, Chocolate Ganache, Caramel, Cherry. Seasonal flavors include - Pumpkin, Italian Cheesecake with Ricotta cheese, Italian cheese pie


Chocolate Decadence - Flour-less dessert of Belgian chocolate, eggs and butter, infused with raspberry and baked in a water bath for more intense flavor, then dipped in chocolate genache. Hence the decadence.


Chocolate Raspberry Torte -


Cigars - Puff pastry filled, rolled and topped with streusel for an added taste and crunch. Choose fillings of either raspberry or chocolate (I don't mean just chocolate, I mean dark chocolate, milk chocolate, chocolate cake, and more, mixed together to keep you guessing.)


Cinnamon Buns - An original doughnut dough that is rolled, topped with melted butter, sugar and cinnamon then baked, not fried like a doughnut.


Clichey - This elaborate dessert consists of 6 layers of thin, flour-less cake made of whole eggs and ground nuts, baked, then soaked in a coffee syrup. Layers are then assembled but hugged by chocolate buttercream icing, coffee buttercream icing, and raspberry marmalade. Chocolate ganache is then poured over top providing a smooth, rich sensation. A dimensional dessert that tantalizes the taste buds.


Creme Brûlée -


Croissant - A buttery, flaky, crescent delight. This pastry is rolled, buttered, folded and turned over a three day period to achieve the layers and flakiness that melts in your mouth. Choose from plain, chocolate, or ham and cheese for a savory meal.


Crumb Bun - A buttery, dense cake that's topped with a cinnamon streusel to add a buttery crunch. Offered plain or with an apple filling. Good anytime of day.


Danish - Laminated pure butter dough with choice of cheese or apple filling. Cheese: filled with Philadelphia cream cheese filling, and topped with streusel and/or almond topping. Apple: made from scratch filling with fresh apples, cinnamon, and butter. Or, Cherry: The perfect mixer of tart cherries and sugar to keep the taste buds dancing.


Eclair - A light pastry dipped in chocolate ganache, filled with pure, butter pastry cream and Chantilly cream.


Fruit Fillings - A word about our fruit fillings. These fillings are made from scratch right here in the bakery. They are not, nor will they ever be, poured out of a can. We use

fresh or flash frozen fruit, sugar, butter, water and corn starch just like your grandmother did. We add the fruit in stages to allow for a variance of softening and textures just so your experience will be more... delightful.


French Nut Cake - A flan cookie base, layer of raspberry marmalade, toped with a dense nut cake, toped with another layer of raspberry marmalde, and chopped walnuts spread on top.


German Chocolate Cake - Rich, moist chocolate cake, split and spread with our coconut buttercream frosting, reassembled and frosted top and sides with the coconut buttercream frosting.


Hand Pies - Our fruit filling of either apple, blueberry or cherry, hugged by our delicate, mouth watering pie crust. This is also the same pie crust that surrounds our rich, bountiful filling for our chicken pot pie.


Linzer Torte - European, Austrian spice cake made of candied fruit, melted chocolate, and raspberry marmalade poured onto a European pastry crust to bake. Delicious!


Marjolaine - A French dessert made with four layers of a flour-less, ground nut cake, soaked in coffee syrup, topped with chocolate buttercream icing made of boiled meringue and butter, and topped with chocolate ganache. "Oui, oui!"


O-Nut - Laminated\

Orange Chiffon - A basic cake, folded with whipped egg whites to lighten the texture making it very light to eat, accompanied by an orange icing to awake the senses.


Red Velvet Cake - Traditionally southern, a moist and delicious, devil's food cake, colored red, accompanied with rich cream cheese icing.


Roulade - A thin, light cake, topped with a flavored whipped topping, rolled and topped with more whipped topping. Flavors include: Lemon Roulade, and in season Pumpkin Roulade.


Rum Almond Croissant - A buttery, flaky, croissant, split and each side soaked in a rum simple syrup. It's then filled with an almond paste custard, reassembled, and before it's rebaked, topped with more custard and sliced almonds, which caramelizes the almonds on top for a delicious treat.


Scones - Tradionally, an English coffee biscuit served with tea. Scones are dense but should be moist. We offer a variety of flovers which include: Blueberry, Mango Coconut, Cranberry Walnut.


Seven Layer Cake - Yes, seven layers of our delicious, thin, yellow cake all topped with rich chocolate ganache made with Belgian chocolate.


Sticky Buns - Our mouth watering cinnamon bun, dripping with a caramel glaze and pecans or walnuts.


Strudels - Layers of delicate phyllo dough, separated by cake crumbs and pure butter, filled with made from scratch, fruit fillings of apple, blueberry or poppy seed, baked to perfection. Only better with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream, or, Chef Michael's preference, chocolate.


Tiramisu - For all of you Tiramisu connoisseurs, this is the real deal. Real marscapone cheese, real cream, even our lady fingers are made from scratch right here in house.


Trifecta Mousse - Now we're talking a real winner! Chocolate cake center, surrounded with either caramel or raspberry, surrounded with chocolate mousse, surrounded with chocolate glaze. I can hear the cheers!




Be assured, we can provide a cake for your special celebration that will please all who partake. Here are some variations to get you thinking. 


Sizes: 6", 10", 12", half sheet, full sheet, tierred.

Flavors: Chocolate, Yellow, Carrot, Red Velvet, Hazelnut, Cassata, Mousse, Ice Cream.

Fillings: Buttercream, Flavored Buttercream, Raspberry, Fresh fruit and Whipped Cream, Chocolate Genache, Custard, Pastry Cream.


Please call or come in to place your cake order.




Chicken Pot Pie - A bountiful filling of vegetables and chicken costed with a rich, heavy cream gravy, hugged by our delicate pie dough. Pick them up hot and ready or take-and-bake.


Ham and Cheese Croissant



Bagels - Made fresh, plain or try one with our delicious onion mixture.


Challah Bread - Traditional Jewish bread made of eggs, flavored with honey and malt. Batampte!


Oatmeal Bread - Wonderfully enriched bread made of honey, molasses and rolled oats.


Onion Rolls - Even if you don't like onion rolls you'll love these. The secret is to use fresh onions that have marinated in oil, poppy seeds, and salt. That's what's in the center of these babies and man are they good.


Bagels - Plain, Onion (yes with the same onion mixure as the onion rolls. Check back for more varieties. These can be topped with butter, cream cheese, and soon, made from scrach jellies and jams.


Rye Bread - Wow! Intense rye flavored flour, yes, with caraway seeds and the secret ingredient... sauerkraut! Not only to intensify but to preserve flavor.


Holiday Pies & Desserts


Apple Pie

Pumpkin Pie

Pumplin-Apple Pie

Blueberry/Cranberry Pie

Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Pie

Chocolate Bourbaon Pecan Tart

Southern Pecan Pie

Ricotta Pie

Chocolate Cream Pie

Key Lime Pie

Pumpkin Cheesecake

Red Velvet Cheesecake

Pumpkin Roulade

Bread Pudding

Apple, Blueberry, or Poppy Seed Strudel

Busche de Noel

Tarte Tatin

Rum Bundt Cake

Italian Rum Cake

Triple Chocolate Fudge Bundt Cake

Christmas Stollen