Quality Is Everything

St Pete Bakery is the presentation and passion of Chef Michael Ostrander, Executive Pastry Chef and owner. Chef Michael began learning and loving this profession some 47 years ago as a young boy in New Jersey. He was able to continue learning while serving in the U.S. Military and once they discovered his talent and high quality standard, he was quickly promoted to teach other bakers. While serving oversees, Chef Michael took advantage of numerous opportunities to learn authentic baking techniques in various countries and continues to apply those skills today. 





Upon leaving the military, Chef Michael continued teaching as pastry educator at the Johnson & Wales Culinary School. His years of baking also include working as Executive Pastry Chef at many upscale resorts such as the Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress in Orlando and the Beverly Hills Hilton in Beverly Hills, CA. His desserts and pastries have delighted celebrities, Presidents, and audiences around the world.

Chef Michael has been in Pinellas County for 10+ years and was motivated to open his own bakery due to disappointment with the lack of quality and standard found in many "bakeries" today. A few years ago, he began an academy to continue teaching others the importance of quality ingredients and baking techniques. The opportunity to learn continues today at St Pete Bakery with Sunday classes, open to the public, and a 6 month program, offered for individuals who are looking to learn a profession or simply impress their family and friends.